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English Cabaret in Buc April 7

on Fri, 03/16/2018 - 10:48

For the second year running, the acclaimed actor/director Eric Bouvron will be hosting an evening of English entertainment in Buc:

Les Anglophones Débarquent

       Saturday April 7th, 8.30pm

Amongst the line-up of professional actors, the SIB's homegrown troupe, SALTIMBUC, will also be performing. Many of you will remember their recent shows The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Pauper Princess. You will enjoy a sneak preview of this year's show Alice in Wonderland, and some of the highlights from The Pauper Princess. So come along and support our young talent for an evening that promises plenty of Anglo humour.

Tickets for the cabaret can be bought in advance on the website of the Mairie de Buc, Saison Culturelle, or perhaps on the door if you're very lucky :)