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POST BAC Orientation Meeting - January 2016

on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 09:17

On Saturday Jan 9th 2016 the annual Post Bac Orientation Meeting took place at the Lycée Franco Allemand. This meeting is proposed each year by the SIA Lycée teachers to all SIA parents & lycée students who want to know more about the potential English Speaking curriculums in France and abroad for their children after the Terminale.

First, Mrs Rostaing introduced the preparation work that needs to be done by the students (and parent) with key questions to be asked before choosing one path or another. She especially recommended thinking well ahead in 2nd over the summer and definitely in 1ere with regards to the selection process of some Universities. She provided as well some very useful statistics looking back at SIA Alumni choices over the past years, showing an almost even number of students pursuing studies in France and abroad (mainly in the UK, US and the Netherlands) You can access these statistics and Mrs Rostaing’s presentation here ( ).

Mrs Rostaing & Mr Boardman then introduced the College Counselling Contract that is proposed to any students inside or outside the SIA who want to apply in Universities in the US & Canada on one side, and in Europe on the other. This contract provides support to the students with filling in the forms, providing references if necessary, accessing their knowledge on all the specific admission processes curriculum by curriculum in return for students respecting given deadlines. Mrs Rostaing quickly summarised all the options available in North America with all the admission test requirements and timing, without forgetting the financial aspects. You can access this presentation here (

Then Mr Boardman covered the same scope for all United Kingdom options. Here is his presentation (

On top of these presentations, Mrs Lemar expanded the horizon by showing all the possibilities within the French education system to access an English speaking curriculum. She mentioned not only the classical exchanges in engineering and business schools (with one year abroad) but also the “double cursus” option that can lead to graduation from multiple Universities in France and abroad simultaneously, especially in law, political studies and economics. All these curricula are selective and timing and admission processes need to be known well in advance. Much of this information is included in her presentation ( ).

Finally, a dozen fresh SIA Alumni (2014/2015) came to share their experiences on their admission challenges in Terminale and their first months in their new lives. They answered many questions from parents and students and were very keen to provide advice and tips for finding the right way. A compilation of the past students testimonies is available here


For PSAB, Jean Andre