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Established in 1998 as a joint project between the Lycée Franco-Allemand (LFA) and the Collège Martin Luther King (MLK) and granted official status as an International Section in 2006, the Section Internationale Anglophone de Buc (SIAB) is based on a wooded campus located in the village of Buc in the Yvelines department. Lying south-west of Paris and close to Versailles, in a pleasant residential area, the schools are easily accessible by car and public transport.

The section has grown over the years thanks to the dedication and excellence of the teaching staff, as well as the support of an active and dynamic parents association - PSAB.  Today, the program has expanded to include over 200 students in the primary section for CM1 and CM2, the middle school with classes from 6ème to 3ème and the high school covering 2nde up to Terminale.
The atmosphere in the bilingual section is particularly pleasant, offering a well balanced curriculum in a warm and dynamic environment, with every opportunity for hard work and high achievement with excellent academic results.
The section is an integral part of the French state school system and is free of charge.


The program is aimed at English-French bilingual children from around the world. Today it includes families from Anglophone countries, expatriated in France, French families returning from expatriation in Anglophone countries as well as bi-national and bilingual families living in the area.
The selection process for entrance is based on both an oral and written exam at Primary, Middle School and High School level. These take place during the second term of each school year. Candidates are accepted on their language skills, as well as their potential to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment.


Courses are taught by fully qualified teachers who are French or English native speakers, depending on the subject taught. This diversity provides exposure not only to both languages but also to a mix of pedagogical approaches. The current teaching staff is composed of new members who have joined the section recently, and those who have been with the program since the beginning.  The result is a dynamic teaching environment where new ideas and approaches are welcome.


Bilingual education is an enriching experience. It allows students to enhance their competencies in various languages and broaden their knowledge of different cultures, paving the way to mutual understanding and open-mindedness. Needless to say, it also prepares students for further study and work in a bilingual environment. All these factors are vital building blocks for tomorrow’s global citizens.



The middle school program, first to be created in the Section Internationale Anglophone de Buc, was established in 1998. Located in the Collège Martin Luther King, the program originally opened with 7 students and has grown continually over the years to include more than 100 participants from around the world in 2012.
The section offers English-French bilingual education from 6ème to 3ème (UK years 7-10 / USA grades 6-9).  The majority of students enter in 6ème, but it is possible to sit an exam for every level.
At the end of middle school, students wishing to pursue a bilingual program may sit the entrance exam for the high school section of SIAB which is based in the Lycée Franco-Allemand.


The program provides 4 hours of English literature and language study as well as 2 hours of History.  These courses are taught entirely in English using texts comparable to those used for same level classes in the UK and the USA.  The first foreign language studied from 6ème up is German with Spanish as an option in 4ème.
In addition to the bilingual option, students follow the standard French national curriculum with the other French students in their class.  Students will be expected to speak and write French fluently as most subjects are taught in French (French, Geography, Art, Math, Science and Physical Education). Should a student speak no French on arrival, extra classes are provided. 
Students in 3ème take the Diplôme National du Brevet, International Option.  The quality of the program is reflected in the 100% success rate of students having taken the exam to date.


To further enrich the environment for the students there are many extracurricular activities including school exchange trips to Germany and England, discussion workshops in German and Spanish, writing competitions, the yearbook in 3ème, a wide range of sport activities as well as an ever growing English section in the on-campus library.
Students also have the possibility of joining the English drama club ‘SaltimBuc’, an initiative of the PSAB parents association.

 Collège Martin Luther King:


2nde to Terminale

The Section Internationale Anglophone was extended to the high school level in 2005, providing classes from 2nde through to Terminale (UK years 11 – upper 6th / USA grades 10 – 12).  The section is located in the Lycée Franco-Allemand in Buc, which has a reputation of academic excellence in view of the high success rate at the Baccalauréat. This lycée has a French, German and English program which creates a rich diversity for the students.

Students in the Anglophone section take the British International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) - (in French) in Terminale which is widely recognized in countries such as the UK and the USA and gives students the possibility to continue their post-secondary education in France or in an Anglophone country. 
Approximately 80% of the students continue on from the Collège Martin Luther King.  Students from other lycées or coming from abroad can take the entry exam for 2nde or 1ère. The section is relatively small, offering an optimal environment in which students may hope to excel.  Our first five graduating classes have succeeded brilliantly at the OIB with a 100% pass rate.


The program provides 5 hours of English literature and language study as well as 3 hours of History and Geography in English.  It is preferable that students have studied German as their first or second foreign language, although students entering the section in Seconde may attend beginner classes, as the study of German is obligatory.
In Seconde, students can choose Spanish as an option, and in Première, they are oriented towards the S series (Scientific) with a special option in physics or the ES series (Economics and Social Studies) with a special option in maths, depending on their interests and areas of excellence. The remaining curriculum is based on the standard French program and students are expected to be proficient in French.
The written and oral examinations in the Anglophone subjects for the Baccalauréat (English Literature, Geography and History) are supervised and organized by the French Ministry of Education in conjunction with the University of Cambridge international examining board.


Students may also participate in a wide range of activities including class trips to England in 2nde, Germany in 1ère, the Paris Model United Nations Conference (PAMUN), the Christmas market, the yearbook committee, the school band, the drama club, the school choir, as well as numerous sports activities and to top it off, an alumni club for students and parents and of course the Graduation ceremony.

Lycée Franco-Allemand:

CM1 & CM2

Opened in September 2008, this program is based in the Louis Blériot Primary School in Buc, located next to the MLK middle school and LFA high school campus.   Enrolment for 2013/2014 will be an estimated 30 students in all. The small classes provide an environment where students are able to participate actively and where teachers can give individual attention to all members of the class.
There is an entrance test of student’s abilities in English, primarily based on oral expression and listening comprehension.
The primary section aims to offer English-French bilingual education from an early age in CM1 & CM2 (UK years 5 & 6 / USA grades 4 & 5) and to prepare students for entry into the Collège Martin Luther King.


Students in the Anglophone primary section follow the standard French curriculum for their appropriate grades and are mixed in with a class of French students.
The Anglophone option provides them with 3 hours of English classes, which include work on the four competencies: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and History.
The teachers of the English classes are fully qualified and native speakers.


There is a concerted effort to develop cohesion within this primary Anglophone section. The teachers and the parents association PSAB organize extracurricular activities throughout the year such as theater outings and cinema trips to foster the interaction of the students.
The aim is to provide the students with enjoyable ‘out of school’ activities in English and to ensure a smooth transition from the primary section to the middle school at the end of CM2.


For more information, please contact:

Head of Section: Mrs. Rostaing - +33 6 74 32 02 27

Parents Association:

For information on activities for each section see the following pages on this web site.