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The Section Internationale de Buc is a joint project between the Lycée Franco-Allemand (LFA), which hosts the SIA classes for the 3 High School years leading up to the Baccalaureat, the Collège Martin Luther King (MLK), which hosts the 4 Middle School classes, and the Primary school opposite, Ecole Louis Blériot, currently hosting classes from CE2. The schools are located in a pleasant residential area of Buc, near Versailles, which is easily accessible by car and public transport.

International Section in BucApprox. AgesFrench ClassBritish EquivalentUS Equivalent
Primary School Hosted by:
Ecole Louis Blériot
8-11 yearsCE2 – CM2Year 4 - 6Grades 3 - 5
Middle School Hosted by:
Collège Martin Luther King
11 – 15 years6e – 3eYear 7 - 10Grades 6 - 9
High School Hosted by:
Lycée Franco/Allemand (LFA)
15 – 18 years2nde - TerminaleYear 11 – UPPER 6thGrades 10 - 12