Sauzay Exchange Program

Brigitte Sauzay German Exchange Program

Students in quatrième at Collège MLK who are studying German have the possibility of a prolonged exchange to Germany under the ‘Brigitte Sauzay Programme’. Students commit to spending two to three months with a host family, attending school with their exchange partner. As it is an exchange, the German partner will also come and stay with the MLK family and attend school in that time.

This exchange is a unique opportunity for young people to discover first hand the German school system, family life, culture and daily life, as well as providing a unique intercultural experience. Participants have the opportunity to significantly improve their German, to mature and enrich their personality. Also hosting the German student is an experience of its own and prompts students to consciously evaluate and even question the culture and habits in their own living environment.

The success of the project of this duration depends entirely upon the motivation and commitment of the student in question and how well they prepare themselves before leaving for Germany. Although parental support is essential, it cannot replace the young person’s desire to participate.

Participating students should be capable of speaking with people they don’t know, have a genuine interest in discovering new people, cultures, habits and traditions, and not be easily disheartened in the face of difficulty. Students who are interested in participating in the exchange should signal this to Madame Goldmann already at the end of 5e to get the ball rolling. Please note that it is an individual exchange, meaning that, although the college will support families with finding a partner in Germany, all details are to be negotiated directly between the parties involved as well as transport to and from Germany. As the MLK now has contact with several participating schools in Germany, there is no guarantee that other students from the MLK will be at the same school at the same time.

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