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Section Internationale de Buc (SIB)

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Bilingual Education in the French Public School System

Located in the Yvelines department, south-west of Paris and close to Versailles, the International Section in Buc offers a free bilingual education to English-speaking children. The section is hosted by 3 neighbouring schools, providing quality education in English and French for your children from age 8 through to the Baccalaureat. The section has grown over the years thanks to the dedication and excellence of the teaching staff, as well as the support of an active and dynamic parents association – PSAB. Today, the program has expanded from an initial 7 students in 1998 to include over 200 students within the Section Internationale at the three schools.

The section is an integral part of the French state school system and is free of charge.

 High School
 Middle School
 Primary School


Saltimbuc reopened Théâtre des Arcades, Buc!

Greek Myths 2.0 on Saturday May 22 and Sunday May 23. Hold on onto your seats because you are going to be taken on a journey! Meet ZEUS, MEDEA, PERSEUS, PANDORA, JASON, HERCULES and many other heroes. Be ready to be terrified, enchanted, hypnotized, frozen in horror… but above all, ENTERTAINED!

It’s Admissions Season in Buc!

Live Chat with Collège MLK parents and teachers, Wed March 3 at7pm: Register at https://forms.gle/3YbJNsNXCpYuMZ4o6 Open days and application deadlines are coming up in Buc! Online Open day at Collège MLK: http://www.clg-lutherking-buc.ac-versailles.fr/spip.php?article1930. Visit and testing at Primary Louis Blériot: March 27