Exchange Programme MLK / LFA

Why pay for trips abroad to reinforce your child’s language skills when we have German kids keen to improve their English here on our doorstep?

PSAB started an initiative to encourage interaction between German-speaking and English-speaking children in and around Buc in their Collège years. If you would like to be part of rejuvenating this program, please contact the PSAB president. The program offers cultural and linguistic benefits, with the additional advantage that students get to know each other before meeting in seconde at LFA.

We already matched ten anglophone children from cinquième with German-speaking children with similar interests from the LFA cinquième class. Initially, we leave it up to each family to manage their exchange programme with their partner family. Some ideas are:

  • families meet together first
  • children meet at least once a term
  • children meet up at the week-end, bank holidays or holidays, have sleep-overs or just spend the day together
  • children write emails and/or letters to each other.
  • perhaps support can be given with homework, or with revising for a test.
  • As the kids get older, they may like to get together as a mixed group of Anglos and Germans for a video night, bowling, disco…

The limits are your own imagination and investment! Parents coordinating the project could organize group events for all the participants, and perhaps even open the project to other classes. Contact us!